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2022 Bathroom Renovation Costs on Long Island

Posted by John Petsco on Jul 13, 2022 2:48:15 PM

How do I figure out the cost to remodel a bathroom?

When making a rough prediction of bathroom remodeling costs on Long Island you must consider the following main variables.

  1. Size: Bathrooms are typically determined by the room’s square footage and the number of bathroom fixtures.

  2. Level of finish: From "budget" to "luxury", of all the materials, fixtures, and finishes for your renovation.

  3. Scope of remodeling: Ask yourself these questions

    • Am I replacing fixtures and finishes?

    • Would I like to change the floor plan, including moving walls and utilities?

    • Am I adding a new bathroom?

    • Will I be relocating a bathroom to a different part of the house?

  4. Types of "services" required

    • Will your project require only construction work?

    • Will you need a professional design or architecture service?


What is the cost to remodel a “Full Bathroom” on Long Island?

Based on the above variables, let’s start with an example. A standard full bathroom 5’x8’, with basic general contracting services and NO layout changes you can expect starting costs for your project to look like on Long Island in 2022:

  • Budget full bathroom renovation costs: Starting at $17,500Golden piggy bank isolated over a white background

  • Mid-grade full bathroom renovation costs: Starting at $27,000

  • High-end full bathroom renovation costs: Starting at $39,000

 * PRO TIP: To be completely prepared for the cost of your home remodeling project, your estimates should include all required costs, materials, labor, subcontractors, supervision, and the required finishes (allowance items).


How can SIZE affect bathroom remodeling costs on Long Island?

The larger your bathroom, generally the more expensive your renovation project will be. However, it’s not a totally linear calculation, because what matters most isn’t the footprint, it’s the fixtures and finishes that will fill that space with more plumbing fixtures, in the form of sinks, showers, and toilets, etc., which means greater costs. For great ideas and styling check out the LICC. Inc Bathroom Gallery.

What size is your bathroom remodeling project?

  • Half bathrooms, or powder rooms, usually have just a sink and a toilet.bathroom 1 *The typical fixture count for a half bath is 1-2.

  • Full bathrooms usually have a sink, toilet, and bathtub or shower. *The typical fixture count for a full bath is 3-4. 

  • Master bathrooms, usually have a generous vanity area with two sinks, plus a toilet and bathtub or shower.*The typical fixture count for a primary bath is 4-5.

  • Deluxe primary bathrooms usually have two sinks and an extended vanity, an extra-large shower or a shower and separate bathtub, and a toilet, which may be enclosed separately.

    *The typical fixture count for a deluxe primary bathroom is 5+. 


How product Level of Finish affects remodeling costs on Long Island 

Finish level refers to the general quality and price level of fixtures, materials, and finishes. These include wall treatments, cabinets, tile choices, and the brands and models of sinks, faucets, and fixtures you choose.

For any size bathroom, a wide range of bathroom fixtures are available, from Budget to Luxury. Your style preference, budget, and the space’s size will determine the suite of fixtures needed, including a sink, vanity, faucet, toilet, shower head, bathtub, and accessories. The minimum low end of fixtures for a small bathroom is usually $1,500.00 The higher the finish level, the greater your costs will increase. 

                  Brizo wood grain sink faucet                                    Hansgrohe Gold shower head and trim

  • Budget finish: Budget materials are generally off-the-shelf items from “big box” stores. This includes stock vanities; various tiles under $5/square foot and fixtures by Delta, Moen, and Pfister.

  • Mid-grade finish: Mid-grade materials balance cost efficiency with material quality. Typically this includes vanities by Design House, Wayfair, and Signature Hardware; tile from a reputable tile distributer; and fixtures by American Standard, Hansgrohe, and Kohler.

  • High-end finish: High-end materials take quality and craftsmanship above standard, and this category introduces custom work. This includes tiles by Clé Tile, Ann Sacks, and Artistic Tile; vanities by Duravit, Robern, and DXV; and fixtures by Kallista and Brizo.                                         

  • Luxury finish: Luxury means the sky’s the limit, where customization, craftsmanship, and materials truly go above and beyond. Think brands like Lefroy Brooks, THG Paris, and Samuel Heath.

What are the differences in the Scope of Work?

Scope of Work or Project Scope refers to the amount and type of work that needs to be done and can have implications on which professionals you’ll need to hire.  The more detailed a bathroom renovation is the longer the list of materials and scope of work will be for the project.

*For example, let's look at an, "In place bathroom vs. gut bathroom renovation"Conteporary Bathroom led vanity mirrors  medium tone wood vanity gray tile floor black plumbing fixtures and.

An "In place renovation", means that you’re replacing all old fixtures and finishes with new ones while leaving the internal plumbing and layout in place. This is the most cost-effective way to reimagine your bathroom.  

Now, for a "Gut renovation", you may be moving walls, rerouting plumbing lines, and rewiring electrical — generally stripping the room to the studs and subfloor in order to change up the layout of the space. This kind of project will typically require professional design, architectural services, and permitting, which ensures the work is done safely and to your town's code. 


Bathroom remodeling "services", and how they affect costs on Long Island

The two main services to consider for your bathroom renovation are "build service" and "design service". Depending on your needs, you have some options for what types of firms to hire.  

  • Build or Construction Services: Construction includes demolition and all finishes. Some general contractors are considered build-only firms, which means that they do not offer full professional design in-house, they only build off provided plans.

    *Long Island Creative Contracting, Inc. provides full 3D designs to help with the visualization of your finished bath as well as creative suggestions and advice on materials and fixture choices.

  • Design services: Design can be broken down into Interior design and Architectural design. For interior design service, you may have the option to work with an interior designer to reimagine the space. This service will generally cost between 10-20% of your construction budget. Architectural design expertise is needed for projects like gut renovations where plans for permits are required.

  •  What is a full-service, design-build firm? If your project requires the need to design and construction services. We provide both. This means you work with us from planning and design through construction. In addition to the continuity, which can often save time in the process, most clients appreciate that the working relationship means more seamless coordination, which can even help to keep your project on budget.  

    When you’re ready to get started on your bathroom or home remodel, call

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