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2022 Bathroom Renovation Costs on Long Island

Posted by John Petsco on Jul 13, 2022 2:48:15 PM

How do I figure out the cost to remodel a bathroom?

When making a rough prediction of bathroom remodeling costs on Long Island you must consider the following main variables.

  1. Size: Bathrooms are typically determined by the room’s square footage and the number of bathroom fixtures.

  2. Level of finish: From "budget" to "luxury", of all the materials, fixtures, and finishes for your renovation.

  3. Scope of remodeling: Ask yourself these questions

    • Am I replacing fixtures and finishes?

    • Would I like to change the floor plan, including moving walls and utilities?

    • Am I adding a new bathroom?

    • Will I be relocating a bathroom to a different part of the house?

  4. Types of "services" required

    • Will your project require only construction work?

    • Will you need a professional design or architecture service?

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5 Design Tips for Creating a Modern Kitchen

Posted by John Petsco on May 19, 2022 5:20:05 PM


What is a Modern Kitchen?

The essence of Modern Design is "less is more", think clean, minimalistic features with simple color palettes when you envision this type of space.

Now, when it comes to designing a Modern Kitchen, the motto is "form follows function". In modern designs, everything should serve a purpose, and what better place to optimize function and style than the busy hub of your home's kitchen?  This could never be truer than in a modern styled kitchen, which tends to be the center of the home, where function and flow lines are essential. 

  • Cabinet profiles hardware, fixtures, and countertops should not be too ornate. Straight or eased edge on your countertops, as opposed to an ogee or beveled edge. Straight bar cabinet pulls, or a simple knob. Choose a flush panel or Shaker style cabinet, as opposed to a more traditional style door. Use open shelving instead of upper cabinets. Keep it simple, smooth, and functional. These 
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10 Tips for "Choosing the Right Contractor"

Posted by John Petsco on May 21, 2020 3:08:48 PM


Why is it so Hard to Find the

 Right Contractor?

According to the Better Business Bureau, complaints against home improvement/home repair contractors are among the most common consumer complaints received. Complaints range from high‐pressure sales tactics and confusion over contract terms to poor or incomplete workmanship and overcharging for the amount or quality of work provided.

One study of approximately 1,000 homeowners conducted in 2007 by Qualified Remodeler Magazine revealed that 50% of them would not hire the contractor they originally chose to remodel their home, and 48% said they would not refer the contractor they chose to their friends.

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