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5 Design Tips for Creating a Modern Kitchen

Posted by John Petsco on May 19, 2022 5:20:05 PM


What is a Modern Kitchen?

The essence of Modern Design is "less is more", think clean, minimalistic features with simple color palettes when you envision this type of space.

Now, when it comes to designing a Modern Kitchen, the motto is "form follows function". In modern designs, everything should serve a purpose, and what better place to optimize function and style than the busy hub of your home's kitchen?  This could never be truer than in a modern styled kitchen, which tends to be the center of the home, where function and flow lines are essential. 

  • Cabinet profiles hardware, fixtures, and countertops should not be too ornate. Straight or eased edge on your countertops, as opposed to an ogee or beveled edge. Straight bar cabinet pulls, or a simple knob. Choose a flush panel or Shaker style cabinet, as opposed to a more traditional style door. Use open shelving instead of upper cabinets. Keep it simple, smooth, and functional. These 
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How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Hardware

Posted by Jessica Nutter on Feb 28, 2022 3:37:40 PM

Think of your kitchen cabinets as that simple black dress that never goes out of style, and why is that?  It's because you're updating its accessories to keep up with the latest trends.  In this case, simply swapping out your hardware makes those timeless cabinets look fresh and current again.

Sounds simple right? But there are so many options to choose from, where does one start? This blog was created to give you a complete breakdown of styles and options as well as, "What Trending"  tips from the LICC Team.

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15 DIY Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Posted by Jessica Nutter on Dec 6, 2021 5:07:06 PM

What is Winterizing?

Winterizing refers to securing or preparing unused home essentials to withstand or survive the harsh impacts of winter weather.  These 15 DIY Tips will not only persevere your home against snow and freezing temperatures but your purse strings too.

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"5 Coastal Beach Design Tips"

Posted by Jessica Nutter on Jun 29, 2021 4:55:24 PM

Bring the Beach Home with these, "5 Coastal Design Tips"

Long Island is surrounded by beautiful ocean fron

t scenery, who wouldn't want to incorporate some of its maritime charms into their homes. Whether you are planning on a full home renovation, kitchen update, or outdoor project;  you'll never have to leave the beach again. These "5 design tips will bring you right back to the ocean all year long.

1. Coastal Prints

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let us start the conversation with a beautiful oceanfront wall hanging. Coastal-themed pictures are popularly found at your local home décor stores or online shops. Try picking up a special print from a local artist and enjoy the view every day.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Build a Backyard Deck This Summer

Posted by Jessica Nutter on Mar 23, 2021 3:52:40 PM

Spring has sprung, the days of white mounds of snow are long in the past.  Now is the time to kick start your home's exterior projects.

Backyard decks are the hottest trend in the home-buying market. Whether your looking for the protentional resale value or just a great addition to your beautiful yard, take a look at our list of, “Top 5 Reasons You Should Build a Backyard Deck This Summer"

#1. Add Value To Your Home

There are few things that can add hard value to your home more than outdoor living areas. According to Remodeling Cost Vs Value 2020 , there is a 77% return on investment when you install a pressure treated wood deck and over 73% when the deck planks, stairs & rails are built from a composite material. 

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10 Tips for Designing Your Home Office

Posted by Jessica Nutter on Mar 4, 2021 5:44:45 PM


How Do I Create a Home Office?

Whether your home office is a designated space for running a business or an  “on again, off again” remote workspace, you deserve more than a spot at the kitchen table. Why? An office that reflects the design and comfort of the rest of your home and YOU is a place where you'll want to do your best work.

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Black and White Bathroom Ideas for 2020

Posted by Jessica Nutter on Dec 1, 2020 2:21:44 PM

Black and White Bathroom Ideas for 2020

When it comes to classic color combinations, it doesn't get more stylish than black and white. The year 2020 has had our clients loving the contrasting color scheme throughout their homes. Whether it’s the strong welcoming of a black entry door or the sleek framing of a picturesque  window, black and white makes a great impact. 

This year we saw the timeless black and white duo trend heavily within our clients' bathrooms.   From rustic retreats or even polished and modern, black and white has become the bold  “go to” that can mingle with any style. Let’s take a look at Long Island Creative Contracting's latest black and white bathroom renovations and some great tips to inspire your next black and white bathroom project.

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10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

Posted by Jessica Nutter on Sep 14, 2020 2:49:34 PM

10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

If you want your home's bathroom to exude elegance it normally comes with a price tag. We have compiled a list of  “10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive”  to prove that a stylish bathroom renovation doesn't have to break the bank.

Be sure to do your homework and spend the proper budget for the construction and plumbing installation. Not sure how much a home bathroom renovation should cost?

Download our Bathroom Remodeling Cost Guide Today!

Long Island Bathroom Remodeling Cost Guide

This FREE ebook is the key for any homeowner to not only learn about bathroom remodeling budgets but what to expect during the renovation process. You will not regret it.

It’s OK to pick a few “must haves”  items that you want to splurge on, an expensive design doesn't has to come at a cost. We hope this list of tips from our years of experience will  put a smile on your purse strings and make your home's bathroom the envy of all of your friends. They will all be wondering, “how did they afford this”??

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Best Beaches on Long Island 2021

Posted by Jessica Nutter on Jun 18, 2020 11:48:34 AM

Of all the different activities Long Island, NY has to offer, spending a day on an incredible beach is at the top of the list.

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10 Tips for "Choosing the Right Contractor"

Posted by John Petsco on May 21, 2020 3:08:48 PM


Why is it so Hard to Find the

 Right Contractor?

According to the Better Business Bureau, complaints against home improvement/home repair contractors are among the most common consumer complaints received. Complaints range from high‐pressure sales tactics and confusion over contract terms to poor or incomplete workmanship and overcharging for the amount or quality of work provided.

One study of approximately 1,000 homeowners conducted in 2007 by Qualified Remodeler Magazine revealed that 50% of them would not hire the contractor they originally chose to remodel their home, and 48% said they would not refer the contractor they chose to their friends.

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